New Employee On-Boarding

by mike on August 8, 2011

On-Boarding a New Employee

successful employee on-boarding Successful on-boarding of a new team member is essential for any business, regardless of type or size of business. A new team member/employee needs a clear and measurable path forward. Depending on how your business or organization is structured, the responsibility of on-boarding is a significant one and has the potential to turn your investment into a profitable – or costly – one.

On-Boarding Checklist

  • Assign a coach or mentor in addition to yourself.
  • Provide a well-defined training program. Be specific when it comes to time, areas, and explain why. Detail the expected outcomes and how progress will be measured. Be sure to inform the new employee that you look forward to discussing their ideas and views based on what they learn during their training.
  • Develop a weekly test to measure the progress of the new employee. Inform the employee at the end of each week you will review what they have retained.
  • Insure early success by spending time getting to know the strengths of your new team member and leveraging those strengths. Assign projects or duties that leverage their unique capabilities.
  • Develop a 1- 3-6 month plan. Focus on areas that will significantly contribute to the growth of the employee, their career desires and which will have a measurable impact on the business. Be sure to include milestones, training resources, etc…
  • Set up bi-weekly meeting or calls to evaluate progress. Offer advice, answer questions and keep this meeting less formal. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop a trusting relationship. The new employee will appreciate the attention if you are genuinely interested in their ideas, opinions and success.
  • Have the new employee spend enough time in each department to gain an overall understanding of the business and how each department relates to his or her new position.
  • Provide a complete job description in writing.
  • Provided a detailed list of goals and objectives with dates and milestones. Be sure to discuss the importance of their role and detail and bonus or commission possibilities in writing.
  • Ask the employee to review the on-boarding process by providing a list of questions to measure the current impact of the program and recommended improvements.

The importance of successfully on-boarding a new employee cannot be overstated. Take the time to develop and/or change your current process if you would like to improve the performance and retention of new employees.

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Mike Rao



Sid Mendelson August 10, 2011 at 10:24 pm


Great article with great practical insights and points which are easy to make happen.

Mike Rao August 10, 2011 at 10:29 pm

Thank you Sid!